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Our friend RiverCityGal gave me some great feedback recently via Twitter. One of her biggest complaints searching for apartments was email replies. When she would email asking specific questions about a community she would get a response directing her to their website and no answer to the question she had asked.  After all these years of email, I took for granted the fact that we might have our email etiquette perfected by now.  Obviously, I was wrong.

Here are a few quick Do’s and Don’ts…

Do:  Respond personally to email inquiries immediately.  Keep them short and related to the specific questions.

Don’t:  Have an automatic response message that says you will respond within 24 hours.  Just answer the email as soon as you can.  Auto response is just a way of automatically saying you don’t care. 

Do:  Start a conversation.   Ask questions in your email responses.  You will be surprised how much information you can get before they tour.  It’s a lot easier sometimes to get people to “chat” via email than it is on the phone.  Especially if they are at work.

Don’t:  Be afraid to answer questions that you know might disqualify them from renting at your community.  An example would be if they mention they have two dogs and a cat and your pet policy only allows one pet.  Don’t waste their time or yours.

Do:  Have nice photos on your computer to attach to emails.  If it is winter have a beautiful summer pool shot to send.  Have a few pictures of your most popular amenities.  Just make sure they are low resolution and won’t eat up their inbox.  Not everyone remembers which property they are looking at and a friendly photo reminder might help.

Don’t:  Direct prospects to your website instead of answering their questions.  RiverCityGal and myself find it very annoying.

Do:  Check for grammar and spelling errors.

Do:  Ask them when they would be free to stop by for a tour and to fill out an application, just as you would on the phone.  They may not call you ever!

Don’t:  Empty your junk email before checking for email inquiries.  They sneak in there sometimes!


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