What’s Wrong with This Picture?

Um.  No.

Um. No.

So I’m walking into the Leasing Office of a local community and I am greeted at the door by a mug shot of the Unabomber.  I was completely drawn to this immediately and read the poster.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t a clever marketing idea.  It was an actual wanted poster for an armed robber who “allegedly” knocked off a local convenience store. 

While I appreciate the property wanting to cooperate with the local authorities, we can find ways to do so without scaring away prospects.  I personally found it completely out of place and I’m not sure if the horrific reaction I had was out of fear of my personal safety or simply because this poster was a Marketing nightmare.  I’m pretty sure it was the latter.  

I could not resist posting this and creating a new blog category, “What NOT to Do”.


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