What I Learned from Blogging About Bass Fishing and Apartment Marketing

I decided to go out on a limb with my last blog and marry bass fishing with leasing and marketing apartments.  I figured there’s really nothing to lose, and at the very least people will click on the article just to see what the hell I was talking about.  It is still getting hits and was recently added to the National Apartment Association blog, so I will share those results in a future update.   So far, I’d have to say it was worth it in that respect.

What I didn’t realize would happen is  interesting.  First of all, if you google “brainoblog” you find a fishing website that has posted my blog and a link to my website.  Bonus!  I also posted my blog on Twitter and ended up being followed by some fishing experts on Twitter, who likely found me through a search.  Double bonus!!  I also realized that having the name of my blog and my Twitter name both as brainoblog, I may have accidentally optimized my organic searches on google.  The only inhibitor to proving that theory is that I’m the only thing that comes up if you enter “brainoblog”.  Either I’m a genius or an idiot with my choice of name, haven’t decided yet.

So, the point is, it can’t hurt to experiment with articles on your blog that aren’t directly related to your core business.  If you’re an apartment community that happens to be by the ocean, you might want to blog about surfing or paddle boarding or deep sea fishing.  If you are near a great metro park you might want to blog about their bike trails or bird watching.  At the end of the day, this is all just a giant social experiment, so have fun with it.  I did, and will continue to do so.  There aren’t any rules…. yet.



  1. Hey Brian,
    Great observations. We have scored way more points on SEO with our blog and little tweaks than anything else. I am beside myself as to why every property management company doesn’t have a blog. The SEO value alone is worth the effort,

    When are we going fishing?

  2. GREAT ideas and I completely agree…this is why I tie “being a mom” in with marketing…lots of similarities in those two “professions” too, I believe. If you LOVE what you do (personally & professionally), you can’t help but be successful.

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