What Do You Blog About If You Have Nothing to Say?

You pull a Larry King and just post random thoughts like these:

  • If you can’t measure the results, don’t do it.
  • The Predictive Index Survey is an impressive personnel resource.
  • I like lifestyle photos in brochures.
  • You can use Twitter to mine prospects for your apartment community.  Just enter the name of the city you’re in and apartments into a search and look for people who are looking for apartments in your area.  Then follow them or send them a helpful Tweet.  Don’t spam or be a pest.  If they want more info they will contact you back.  This will work better in larger cities.
  • I still don’t like Apartmentratings.com, even after reviewing different view points.
  • Check out www.iwebtool.com or www.alexa.com to see how your website stacks up in Google page rankings, the ranking of your website and compare your website with your competition.
  • Why Leasing and Marketing Apartments is Like Bass Fishing” is my most popular post thus far.  Weird!
  • Answer the phone.  Answer the phone.  Answer the phone.
  • Make sure your advertising stands out in a crowd!
  • Follow me on Twitter…  https://twitter.com/brainoblog
  • Email is the new snail mail
  • I’ve learned a lot about technology, marketing, social media and how it benefits the apartment industry simply by blogging about it.  This blog has forced me to do my research and stay up to date on current topics.
  • I need a logo for my blog.
  • Use measuarable statistics to motivate your teams.  Share them with everyone.  The person at the bottom won’t be there for too long.
  • Please share my blog with 3 of your peers today.

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