Interesting Article – Five Best Apartment Search Tools

Just wanted to share this article. It seems interesting. A friend of mine just forwarded me this article from, “Five Best Apartment Search Tools”. With the exception of, these websites seem to be geared more toward micromanagement companies and individual owners rather than tradititional property management companies.  Obvioulsy, Craigslist has become a standard advertising source for many of us, however, I’m not sure the others have or will.  Each seems to offer it’s own unique perspective and features.

Conducting a Google search for “Detroit Apartments”, was number one in the organic search, followed by Craigslist at listing number 7, at listing number 16, while the others were not in the top 50 organic search results.  A search for “Chicago Apartments” put at number 2, Craigslist at 4 and Myapartmentmap did not appear until page 5.  Results varied from city to city, however the only two that remained consistently on the first page were and Craigslist.

There seem to be a lot of companies popping up trying to win the share of apartment traffic to their websites and likely taking up a lot of our time with sales calls.  Until they are proven, I would stick with putting any extra money into your own website and making sure it is optimized.  Some companies out there are doing this and they happen to be ranking much higher on the organic search results than 3 out of 5 of the “5 Best Apartment Search Tools”.



  1. One of the problems with these smaller regional ILS sites that are popping up is that properties really only have a finite amount of money to spend. Marketing dollars are tight, especially right now, and you’re completely right about funneling them in to what works. As I was discussing with a peer the other day, right now, we can’t afford to load our money in a shot gun and hope that something we hit gains us the leases we need.

    Nice post!

  2. Great Article!! Thank You for sharing!!!

  3. That is an interesting article. We do this every month for 4 Walls to see where we stand in google searches. We have consistently been in the top 50 for many of the locations that we search, but I do see a lot of our competitors up there as well.

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