Are You Still Asking Prospects, “How did you hear about us?”

So, sometimes we do things without knowing why we even do them.  “It’s just always been done that way.”  One example which has come to mind over and over again is asking “How did you hear about us?” and only checking off one possible source of traffic on our Guest Cards.  Why?  There are so many possible ways that one prospect could find us, why would we limit them to one source.  We all know they have probably been to several websites and many have picked up a print publication when they were grocery shopping.  This is all valuable information to know and track.

We need to start asking, “How did you shop for your apartment?” and get the property management software companies to modify software to allow for more than one source of traffic per prospect.  Here’s what we are missing by asking this question:

Let’s say 30 of your prospects each month are using a resource that you are not currently using for your advertising.  By measuring that and applying a formula to determine what traffic you are missing by not advertising in that resource you can determine that you need to be advertising with that resource. 

We don’t know what we don’t know and by asking our prospects such a limiting question we will never know what we don’t know.  Ask the right question and you will get better results and have a better way to develop your marketing and advertising strategies.


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