Complex Isn’t a 4-letter Word Anymore

If you jumped on the bandwagon of banning the word complex from your marketing materials years ago, you might want to jump off!  Over the last few weeks I have heard the term apartment complex used at least a dozen times by non-industry friends and acquaintances of mine.  I’ve also heard it from residents at the communities I was visiting.  More importantly, while reviewing Google analytics I realized that our prospects still use the term, even though we’ve tried so hard to reprogram their vocabulary.

Guess what?  It didn’t work! If you want another example go ask Chevy… or is it Chevrolet.


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  1. Totally agree, sometimes we end up putting all the resources and focus into something that doesn’t need it. People aren’t taking offense to the word complex. Let’s focus on getting people to live with us and not so much on what they call it!!! Great post!

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