Why Leasing Apartments Is Like Stand Up Comedy

I have a new appreciation for stand up comedy after watching this guy get crushed when his first joke absolutely bombed on Americas got talent. The beauty of it though is he never gave up. He responded to his audience and turned it around. Ever been on a tour like this?  Your prospect has their arms folded, they don’t say a word and you have to win them over? You might start out with your scripted routine but If you don’t tailor it to your audience you will bomb and not make it to the next round; but If you think quickly on your feet and read your audience you just might win them over.

These are opportunities that make us better at what we do.  If everyone signed a lease no questions asked, most of us probably wouldn’t be in this industry for too long.  At one point in this clip, Sharon Osborne says that the tough crowd brought out the best in him and raised the level of his performance.  We all feel great when we step it up to overcome a tough customer.  Also, if you notice, he tried to stay on script and the audience became louder and louder to shut him down.  The moment he diverted from his routine he started to win them back.  There is a tremendous lesson in that for us.  People want to hear about what they want to hear about, not what you want them to hear about.  While Doogie didn’t exactly have an opportunity to ask the crowd what they wanted, he was patient, felt them out and gave them exactly what he felt they wanted; a fight.



  1. BO-
    Love this post!

    The script kills us.


    I’m not saying the script is bad. It can be a really useful tool. But one of the best skills that a leasing agent can have is the ability to improvise. Without that, you’ll never get the hard customers to come around to you.

    Well Written!

  2. People respond in different ways. It would be a shame to loose good customers because you were unable to deviate from the script. Good sales is recognizing your custormer and tailoring your pitch to best ensure a close.

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