Customer Service on Steroids

My friend recently stayed at the Ritz-Carlton in Vail, CO and took her dog Buster along for the trip.  They are a pet-friendly hotel, which is tremendous customer service, but not what impressed me.

The first night she was there Buster barked and barked and some other guests complained so they offered to let her move her room so he could have a balcony.  What a great way to accommodate her and her dog and provide fantastic customer service.  The thing is, this still isn’t what impressed me.

The next night she left Buster alone again and was nervous that he would bark, the guests would complain and she would have to leave the hotel.  Sure enough, her phone rings shortly after dark.  “Hello, this is security from the Ritz-Carlton.  I just wanted to let you know that we have Buster.  He is at the front desk greeting guests and helping out the staff.  He was barking quite a bit so we made a little bed for him behind the desk and he hasn’t barked since.”

WOW.  I really don’t think I need to elaborate on this.  Kudos to the staff at the Ritz-Carlton in Vail.  I’ll be bringing my dog very soon….


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