What Do Tim Tebow, Sticky Notes and the Slinky Have In Common?

Tim Tebow, Sticky Notes and the Slinky are all “experiments” that had surprisingly brilliant and unexpected results. The Slinky was originally designed to be a spring used to stabilize sensitive instruments aboard ships in rough seas. It is now in the Toy Hall of Fame and over 300 million have been sold. The adhesive on Sticky Notes was discovered in the search for a strong bonding adhesive. Obviously, the scientist failed in that venture but his failure became a tremendous success. Find an office in the United States that doesn’t have a sticky note and well… you won’t. Tim Tebow is a number one draft pick quarterback who’s biggest weakness is throwing a football. As a starting quarterback he is 6-1 and has his team tied for first place. Tebow still has to prove himself to remain in this discussion, but hey, I’m sure adding him to this blog won’t hurt.

We recently ran a promotion for a customer that had surprisingly brilliant and unexpected results as well. The promotion was a “slot machine” game on Facebook where if the fan of the page got 5 logos to appear across the top of their page, they won a prize.

It took about ten days for people to figure out how to make it happen, which was what we wanted. We didn’t want the promotion to only last a day. The unexpected result, however was that the people who ended up winning the contest ended up promoting our client on their own personal Facebook pages. The winners of our contest had over 1,200 friends combined. Each of those friends had the opportunity to be introduced to our client on Facebook in a way we never anticipated.

Tebow’s results aren’t in and neither are ours at this point, but by experimenting and not being afraid to try new things, we discovered a great new way to promote our clients without spending hard dollars on advertising. The only true failure of an experiment is not realizing and appreciating the unexpected results.


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