Multi-Dimensional Social Media

Imagine a world where people only talked at you. No questions. No engagement. No opportunity to respond. One dimensional communication only. Everyone walking around spewing out monologues, not having a care in the world what anyone else has to say.

Unfortunately, I frequently come across this phenomena in the world of Social Media. I am often called upon to assist small businesses with their Social Media strategy and upon my initial review, I typically discover a one-dimensional approach. It’s honestly the most obvious way to use Social Media. Talk about your business, your products, your pricing, your sales, your service etc. This approach will only get you so far, however. The number of people who follow you will likely plateau quickly.

When I discover this with a client I am thrilled! I am thrilled because it is such an easy fix. I simply tell them they are one-dimensional and to not always talk about the same topic (their business). I don’t know how many dimensions exist beyond the one, but here are a few dimensions you can add to your Social Media strategy:

The Second Dimension:

The Second Dimension exists just outside the “walls” of your business. It’s the community your business serves. It’s your customers or clients, your vendors and suppliers, neighbors and neighborhood events. Talk about them. Promote them. “Like” them.

The Third Dimension:

The Third Dimension is created by your advanced engagement in Social Media. Go to other business pages and participate in their conversations. Write recommendations. Include them in your posts, tag them in your photos, share their blogs or links to their websites.

The Fourth Dimension:

The Fourth Dimension involves merging your Social Media contacts into the physical world. Pick up the phone and call a company you’ve had strong engagement with online. Talk to their marketing person and brainstorm ways you can help each other. Discuss Social Media with your Chamber of Commerce members and devise a collaborative strategy to promote each other.

There are of course, many more dimensions that you can uncover as you go. Ultimately, if you really want to execute a successful Social Media strategy, the best thing you can do is talk less about your own business and start engaging in some of the ideas shared above.


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