The One I’m Writing

I have to confess. I really don’t enjoy reading. I wish I did, but the fact of the matter is I find it tedious. The irony is that I love to write. I love using the creative side of my mind to paint a picture, tell a story or just share an idea. I have written 60 plus articles on brainoblog prior to this shift in content. I’ve written about 50 pages of a screen play about my brother and about five chapters of a World War II romance based on the story of my grandparents. I’ve also written dozens of poems and random musings that I’ve never shared with anyone. I started the screen play in college and I started the story about my grandparents after my grandmother passed away in 2010. I never finished either of them and I recently figured out why. Those are not my stories to tell. I have my own story to tell. People frequently ask me what my favorite book is and I always just want to answer, “the one I’m writing”.

A year ago today, I received a package with 125 white, rectangular stickers. They were about as boring as a sticker can possibly be, but I was beyond excited. Just reflecting back on that day and everything that has happened in the last year put a lump in my throat and sent chills down my spine. Trying to organize my thoughts and memories brings so many smiles to my face, but also brings a lot of stress and anxiety. I want to share my story with anyone who is interested and tell it in my own unique way. I want to show the personal side as well as the business side. I’m really great at being positive all the time and that will never change. This hasn’t been a perfectly smooth journey, but I don’t think it’s supposed to be.

I’ve learned a lot about business, relationships, stickers, promotional products, marketing, social media, advertising, printing, distribution etc. over the last year. More importantly, I’ve learned a lot about myself. I’ve done a lot of reflecting on my career in the apartment industry and wondered why I lasted 7 years at Village Green but no more than 18 months at any other job since college. The simple answer to it all is that I was on the wrong path. That corporate America wasn’t for me. That doesn’t explain Village Green though and that is a huge chunk of time to dismiss as an anomaly.

When I was in high school I played lacrosse, was captain of the wrestling team and participated in student council, National Honor Society, honors choir and even had a lead in the spring musical. I was on every committee for every event from blood drives to school dances. If you’ve ever seen the movie Rushmore, I think part of that character was based on me. My degree from the University of Michigan is a Bachelor in General Studies. If Michigan offered minors, I would have minored in Biology, Spanish, Marketing and Political Science. I even landed an internship in Mexico for two summers supervising a finishing plant. My first real job after graduation was at Village Green where I was Special Projects Manager. I ran ancillary income programs that ranged from cable and telecom contracts to a program where residents could purchase a home.

All of these experiences have led up to today where I can gladly admit that I am a jack of all trades and master of one. The one thing I have mastered, is being open to any opportunity that comes my way. And now, I can answer the question “what’s your favorite book?” with “The One I’m Writing”.




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