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Life is funny sometimes all the time. I haven’t written a blog here in a while and I’m starting a new adventure. As I was contemplating how to structure it, I realized I already have a blog and the name isn’t related to anything but me. What is a braino? Who really cares? This was previously used to share my ideas from the apartment industry and then changed with my new venture, Mind Racing Media. Now, this is going to be my blog for my latest adventure, The Original Stik Pocket. Let’s see what happens.


(Update from January 12, 2012) Mind Racing Media, formerly known as brainoblog, will be taking a shift from focusing on the apartment industry to focusing on all things marketing related with a focus on Social Media, Internet marketing, Search Engine Optimization.  My expertise is in the apartment industry, however, my new venture has launched me into residential real estate, mortgages, retail, insurance, autos and more.  What I have learned is that my experience in apartments will serve me well in any industry or service.  The basic rules of Social Media and SEO apply no matter the product or service.  I am excited to broaden my horizons and look forward to working with new people, products and organizations as well as continuing to build on the knowledge and relationships garnered in the apartment industry.  For the record, apartment people are some of the hardest working people in the American workforce.  I’ve learned so much from so many of you!

Thank you for visiting and please be sure to share this site with your colleagues.

Brian Owen

(248) 941.1975




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  1. BrainO… great blogsite – lotsa info!

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