Less Is More

I was walking some models and a beautiful clubhouse last week and I had a nagging feeling that something just didn’t look right, but I couldn’t quite put my finger on it.  Models and clubhouses are one of our first impressions to our prospects.  I had to stay until I figured it out.  I walked around the clubhouse, pacing back and forth looking at the walls, the shelves the tables.  What was missing???  Then it occurred to me….  Nothing was missing.  Not a thing.  The fact was there was too much.  The nagging feeling I had wasn’t that something was missing.  It wasn’t even a nagging feeling.  I realized that I was just overstimulated visually by too much decor!  How many fake plants do you really need?  On top of the fridge, on top of the cabinets, in the built in shelving.  The nautical theme was taken to an extreme with a clutter of dusty knick knacks.  It was too much!  I picked the best pieces and took the rest down.  The end result was cleaner, updated and visually pleasing.  


So why would this effect leasing???  Size matters to most prospects.  The apartments felt roomier as an end result of clearing out the clutter.  Even a small floorplan can feel big if the proper decor is utilized.  Bulky furniture, clutter and poor lighting can cause the opposite effect.  Keep it simple, especially with your smaller floorplans and you will give your leasing team a better leasing tool and in many cases without having to spend a penny.



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