If You Can’t Measure the Results, Then Don’t Do It

There’s an old saying that goes something like this, “We know that half of our advertising is effective, we’re just not sure which half.”  If you are saying that today, then you need to reevaluate your marketing and advertising strategies.  If you can’t specifically measure the results of a marketing initiative or advertising campaign, you probably shouldn’t do it.

So here are  some thoughts to consider:

Don’t just put your home page in print/billboard advertising. These leads cannot be measured specific to that advertising.  They will just get lumped into your overall traffic.  Create an alternative landing page specific to that advertisement and only use it for that particular advertisement.  That page may then be directed to your home page or a community page.

Do imbed google analytics into every page on your website. It’s a simple process with tremendous value.  It will also help you  measure the hits to those alternative landing pages mentioned above.  You can also see how deep into your site prospects are going.

Don’t use your local phone number in ANY advertising. Even in your Craigslist ads use a call tracking number.  You might discover that certain properties don’t get any leads from Craigslist or it might be sending unqualified traffic.  Even though it’s free, you could determine by tracking the calls, or lack thereof, that you don’t want to waste time posting or dealing with unqualified traffic.

Do record your leasing calls. This is a subjective form of measurement, but probably one of the most important.  We all know the difference between a good leasing call and a poor one.  After only a day of listening to phone calls at a particular property, I discovered they weren’t asking for the prospects name, taking control of the conversation or even asking the caller to come tour the property.  The calls were long and awkward.  Now the leasing staff at that community is doing all of those things and more.  They are even getting email addresses to confirm appointments and listening to each others calls and providing feed back.

There’s another old saying to “inspect what you expect“.  This is hard to do without consitently measuring results.


What’s Wrong with This Picture?

Um.  No.

Um. No.

So I’m walking into the Leasing Office of a local community and I am greeted at the door by a mug shot of the Unabomber.  I was completely drawn to this immediately and read the poster.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t a clever marketing idea.  It was an actual wanted poster for an armed robber who “allegedly” knocked off a local convenience store. 

While I appreciate the property wanting to cooperate with the local authorities, we can find ways to do so without scaring away prospects.  I personally found it completely out of place and I’m not sure if the horrific reaction I had was out of fear of my personal safety or simply because this poster was a Marketing nightmare.  I’m pretty sure it was the latter.  

I could not resist posting this and creating a new blog category, “What NOT to Do”.